Monday, October 31, 2005

Do you feel alone?

Hello, this is my first post in this blog. Althought the title suggest a sad place, i want to share my experiences now that i'm alone.

The live alone could be sad, but exist many options that could help you in order to carry out all this lonely. I want to share my keys with you, and to share not just my keys, perhaps ideas around to my head.

This blog could have a mixed of spiritualism, technisism, healhty and whatever stuf that appear in my head.

First, i'm 30 years old. I'm developing my doctoral studies at UPRM (Universidad de Puerto Rico en Mayaguez) in computer.

My weight is 68 kgs (around 149.6 pounds), my height is 1.73 m (around 5' 9"). I'm baptist buy i recognize that doesn't exist the right religion, is about a life style.

I take care about my health, i like to jogging, and to eat in a balanced fashion.

You see that i try to live a organized life, but i'm sure the basement of all my life is God. He's the strong and the focus in my weakness, i'm sure if He doesn't exist my life was a poor life. But in Him i found the peace and the changes that my life needs in order to live in peace with me and the others.

All that you need, you can found in God... but you need to pay the price, patience waiting for the answer, for the changes that God needs to do at your life in order to do the person that want to do with you.

Ok, i already did my first post in this blog, and i hope become an official blog to me and what i said this is more that a sad place... is a great place when i want to share how can live happy without somebody besides to you.

God bless you and regards.


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